Friday, April 30, 2010


New song lyrics.



sleeping awake.
or sleeping with eyes closed.
he sees the world, he sees black and white.

dreaming so vivid
dreaming to set the world alight
he burns the world, and he says goodbye.

eyes out of focus.
mind still at ease.
he awaits the long hour
when this vision will cease.
it’s all a dream.

falling away
he’ll never be moving
he can’t get out, he’s still trapped inside.

sleeping awake
sleep till the end of time
its all the same, its a vivid dream.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Mac Time

I think it's about time I got myself a MacBook Pro.

Windows is annoying me. And Cubase 5 is OK, but they really haven't done much in the way of REAL feature upgrades in the last few years, like decent comping management and a good timestretch.

It's just time I got onto a Mac and got Logic Studio. Then I can really get down to business.

New Song

I thought I would upload an idea I've had for a new song. The lyrics are a bit off [actually they're pretty random] but it's the sound I'm after. I like where this could be heading. I like the chorus in this, but the arrangement is probably not too good [it's very bare, and the piano doesn't really fit].

© Nick Smith 2010. All rights reserved.

Also, thought I would dig out an older idea I had. Again, I'm still working on the lyrics with this one. This one uses a Mellotron (for the old grainy strings), and a B3 organ. It's a very quirky sound I guess, but I'm thinking it could work with my style. Check it out.

© Nick Smith 2010. All rights reserved.